Putting Summer Away…

Where did it go?

Oh, how the time doth fly! Seems as though, not so very long ago, we were all geared up for the wonderful times that come the end of May–Memorial Day Weekend–for the traditional opening of the cottage at the lake in Michigan. The pontoon was delivered from the marina right on time, having survived another winter’s hibernation. From the start, the motor ran perfectly and maneuvered us around the lake without fail whenever we called on her to do so. Somehow, the time came and went in wonderful fashion. Before we knew it, along came the annual 4th of July festivities in mid-summer, followed by many weeks of fun in the sun, a few storms and power outages, and some dismal hot and humid weather. Alas, the downward “slide” toward Labor Day, signaling the beginning of the end, as it were, and time to undo all that had been done–starting on that glorious Memorial Day (“Move-in”) Weekend was upon us. How could this be! Well, as my wise grandmother often told me” “Time goes much faster when you’re enjoying what you’re doing.” Yes, Gram, you were so right.

Now that the cottage is closed up, all things stored safely away in those lovely Rubbermaid containers, and the pontoon is back for another winter’s nap under shrink wrap conditions, I realize just how wonderful a time I once again spent “up there” at the lake in Michigan. The many books I read (but didn’t write!), the Friday night chats over cold beers with good friends on late Friday afternoons/evenings as they arrived for the weekends to enjoy their own cottages, and the leisurely sitting out on the screened-in porch–in my favorite spot–overlooking the lake, are but a few of the reasons why I adored this summer now over.

It, too, was a summer for closure in our personal lives with the passing of Carolyn’s dad, Boyd Jones. Having lived a wonderful and joyous life, he reached the age of 86 and had no regrets about anything. His family, friends, and all others who knew him realized that his was, indeed, a life well travelled. With the constant day-to-day concern that gripped Carolyn for the last few years no longer an issue, she looks forward to being able to spend more “enjoyable” time at the lake next summer. And as we celebrate her dad’s wonderful life this coming Saturday in a service at our church, we will gather with lots of family and friends and know that the journey has not ended but only just begun. We will laugh, tell many stories, share tons of memories, and laugh again, knowing that Boyd and Ev are together, laughing right along with us.

More lake moments and thoughts in the posts ahead as we journey down the road...MLA

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