The Summer Shadows Grow Long

Late Summer

I’ve been away from this much too long, and will now attempt to get things “updated” as the late summer slants of the sun begin to turn in those strange ways, indicating that “lake life” is drawing to a close.  But I have no complaints in that regard. It’s been a wonderful time “up there” in Michigan!

All is in place for the memorial service/celebration for Carolyn’s dad on Saturday, September 10. It will be a very nice occasion, one filled with many laughs, stories, and good thoughts about his life and what he meant to all of us. No sad songs included! And Carolyn is doing well and getting going with her life and slowly realizing that she is free from so many things and can begin to set foot on a path of normal routines. She’s not there yet, but each day finds her realizing that she can actually enjoy things for what they are.

I’m home in Illinois for a couple of days before heading back to Michigan for one final weekend. This morning is a memorial service for our friend, Ron Hoffman, who was diagnosed with cancer in early June. Needless to say, it spread very quickly and the end was not long in coming. Sixty-five years old is still much too young to bid this life farewell, but the “plan” that God has for us doesn’t always take that into consideration, I have learned over the years. Just the same, Ron was a good guy, had a nice family, and truly deserved much better. He will be missed.

Will close this stop along the road for now and go attend to some morning duties (getting another cup of coffee!)…MLA


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