Farewell…part two

Yesterday’s post pretty much summed up what I felt about my father-in-law, Boyd Jones. As I wrote, the end was expected to come sometime yesterday, which it finally did at 6:20 p.m. Carolyn was with him at the time, and the experience was very peaceful and brought much-needed closure to the long ordeal. 

A sense of relief has engulfed us now, and we’re able to make plans and move ahead with our lives–something that Boyd always insisted that we do. So today we get back to the more mundane, yet necessary, duties of everyday living. Carolyn is cleaning out her father’s room and offering her many thanks to the wonderful staff at the nursing home. They were there 100% right from the very beginning!

We both have received some wonderful and thoughtful words from family, friends, and other acquaintances via Facebook and e-mail, and we really do appreciate those things. Thanks to all who shared their feelings. We have bid a father and a father-in-law farewell now, and we will celebrate his life in a memorial service on September 10th. As the days, weeks, months, and years continue to click off in our lives, a part of Boyd will remain with us. After all, a good thing is hard to be rid of! Down the road we travel…MLA

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