Air Conditioning is good…

Back home and enjoying the comfort of our air conditioning, sitting here and beginning to watch the White Sox against Detroit. A big game, to say the least, as the Tigers lead the Sox by 3.5 games at the moment. It would be a big game to win, but it’s never easy. The lead off man singled, so we’re underway.

Have enjoyed the recent “break” in the weather. I had a wonderful trip out to Ohio where I enjoyed a wonderful weekend at my sister’s house in Marblehead, on the shores of Lake Erie. It was filled with lots of good food, good laughs, and good “sitting around” in the shaded areas and enjoying cold beverages and talking. Both my sisters and their husbands were there, as well as my son, daughter-in-law, grandsons, nephews, nieces, and our mom. As is always the case when it’s a wonderful occasion, time flashes by in a wink. 

Tomorrow will call for some early-morning yard work (to beat the heat as much as possible) and then to visit a friend who is very ill right now. Will also go see the father-in-law, who continues to hang-in at the nursing home. Will return to the lake on Thursday afternoon–if the heat doesn’t keep me ensconced here at home, enjoying the comfort of air conditioning! Down the road we go…MLA


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