The Heat is On!

“Summer time, and the livin’ is HOT!”

Summer heat index, etc. I guess it was due to catch up to us sooner or later this summer, but it’s never fun when it does. At least the mornings have been pleasant–it’s the afternoon heat that makes for furnace-like conditions. At any rate, I guess we should all realize that it’s summer, and this is the kind of weather that is expected during summer. It’s the same argument I use in the winter months when folks moan and groan about how cold it is and how much snow we’re having.

I’ve come to the realization that we’re never really satisfied or totally happy about anything for very long. And I’m one of the most guilty when it comes to wishing for something better–more perfect–when it comes to things such as climate and the places we spend our time. Even yesterday, when I took the pontoon out for a late afternoon cruise, and a plunge into the cool depths, I thought that the persistent heat of the past few days had taken most of the really cool temperatures from the water. I might be wrong, but it didn’t quite seem the ideal cooling off I’d hoped for. Like I said, we’re never totally satisfied with most things. We grumble and groan and often make life miserable for those around us. That’s something I’d really like to change.

Now, as I look out into the mid-day heat of our little area here in Michigan, I am beginning to mentally “grumble and groan” that my next destination from here is a trip to the Laundromat! I’m hoping it’s not crowded, that the air conditioning is working, and that all machines are working! 

Never quite satisfied, as I said. Down the road we go. Stay cool, folks…MLA


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