Summer Days in Michigan…

Another year older…wiser?

Had a wonderful weekend with my wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons. They helped me celebrate another milestone in the “age department” on Saturday, June 11. The weather here at the lake was OK, but would have been all the better had it been warmer. At any rate, the boys got in lots of jumping off the pier, an abbreviated boat ride (due to wind and cold), many moments of table games, and overall fun in the cottage. Josh was once again outstanding in the “grilling department,” turning out some fabulous BBQ chicken. The cold beer was good, the Sox didn’t blow too many games in the ninth inning, and we’re psyched for next weekend and a trip to Michigan International Speedway on Sunday for our annual June race fest!

Now, the company is gone, Carolyn is back in Illinois at work and will return next weekend, and I have the mundane chores of a trip to the laundromat and store tomorrow, cottage cleanup and vacuuming on Thursday, and greeting the “race fans” early Friday morning. A good week, I hope, and a few cruises around the lake on the trusty Tahoe pontoon. All is good, and I hope the same is true for my kids as they work through another week. The road I travel today is pretty much uncluttered and straight. Time to close and drift on back to the cottage…MLA

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