This Relentless weather & Easter smiles…


At least we’re not alone in this weather business! The news just showed much of the latest tornadic devastation down through Arkansas and Missouri, and the cruelty of flooding in Kentucky and elsewhere. Here in northern Illinois we have had periods of pounding rain–most of last night into this morning–and patches of sunshine to get us all excited, followed by more strong downpours. Now, the wind is picking up in intensity, and the skies are totally confusing! Out my window facing east, it’s a bluish-gray swirling miasma of clouds; out front, facing west, it’s actually clearing with sunshine out there somewhere. I actually attempted to run the mower through the back yard earlier this afternoon, only to be thwarted in that endeavor with another heavy downpour that had me scurrying back to the garage (as best as I can scurry!), resigned to getting the grass cut (hopefully!) tomorrow morning. But I’m not going to bet on it…


On a happier topic, our weekend trip up to our daughter’s and son-in-law’s home in Holly, Michigan, turned out to be a wonderful thing. The weather cooperated for us on Saturday and Sunday making being outside the whole time the order of both days! My son grilled some wonderful chicken on Saturday, and Easter Sunday was a literal “buffet” of delicious fare: Leg of lamb, Cook’s ham, kielbasa and kapusta (sour kraut), and a

ll of the wonderful sides we needed. Needless to say, the Weber kettles did their charcoal magic!

The two grandsons had a terrific time playing ball with grandpa in the front yard as he
“guarded” the two Webers. Good food, lots of laughs, and hopes of a repeat “gathering” once again next year seemed to be on everyone’s mind. Thanks, John & Laura, for your wonderful hospitality!


Now that’s a road I can travel time and time again!…MLA