Back from Ohio…

On the Road

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been out of town since early last Wednesday. Moving my mom to another apartment was the reason for my journey from northern Illinois to the shores of lovely–and churlish–Lake Erie. Having made two trips out that way within a few weeks’ time, I’m beginning to feel rather road weary. But all went well, and Mom is now settled in to a nice apartment.

The Writing Effort

Sorry to report that I haven’t resumed my work on the next book. Being busy and preoccupied with so many other things lately has provided me with little or no time to get the process started again. I look forward to summer when I can once more get back to the much-needed discipline of writing every day. Until then, I’ll plod on as best as possible.

With these thoughts, I’ll wrap it up for tonight and get some sleep. The long and winding road has led me back home…and that’s good!


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