On the Road in Columbus…

The Road to the Past in Columbus

I’m writing this from somewhere outside of Dayton, Ohio. I’m having a wonderful time trying to maintain an Internet connection, so I’ll write as fast as possible and post soon.

I accompanied my wife to Columbus, Ohio, today for one of her Ancestry/Genealogy “field trips,” and I must say it was lots of fun. I had never really toured the capital of Ohio, and we enjoyed many of the cemeteries and early houses where her great-grandparents and various other relatives spent many years. One of the cemeteries we visited is the final resting place of one of my favorite authors: James Thurber. It seems strange to know that he’s resting there while my wife and I are driving all over the massive place!

The Columbus Public Library–where we spent a couple of hours going through old microfilm searching for obituaries–is an outstanding place! All in all, her search and places to visit today was a complete success. We hit no snags or “dead ends” (no pun intended!) and we cruised out of the city and made our way along I-70 to near Dayton.

Tomorrow morning we will visit her aging aunt and uncle here before heading back up to Lake Erie for another overnight at my mother’s. Then, back to northern Illinois on Wednesday. I must say, I have lots to write about my cemetery experiences today. Will do so once I have my good home Internet connection in a couple of days.

So down that road we shall travel…MLA


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